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Mike S:  " I've never seen anything like these guards.
These are the only guards that seem like they'll work."
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    "I had works connection radiator guards on my 525 exc, took a few spills, and the radiator
    guards I have now from Mohard Racing will take a beating. They were easy to install even
    though I had to bend my radiator back into its original shape.

    The front of the guard is powder coated orange which looks really trick to match the bike.
    This guard is a must for anyone who rides hard and needs the ultimate radiator protection!!!
KTM 525EXC Rider
"Just received the new YZ250 Rad Guards kit in the mail. It arrived very quickly, thank you! The kit was
packaged well, all mounting hardware was of high quality and nothing was missing. The milling work, fit
and finish are absolutely first rate...everything fit together perfectly too.
radiator, one of which ingeniously utilizes the existing frame mount are VERY secure. I've sampled most
The radiator guards are very strong (box design) and the two mounting points located behind the The
Thanks 1000%.
These are the most beautiful guards, I have installed them
E.T. Riding in Italy
Guards  with fan mount for my 450X with 3.2 IMS tank.
Drew, CA
Guard Construction Link
And speaking of shouting from the roof tops.I just came back from Ocotillo Wells today and it was a very crowded
because of the holiday weekend. As a result I had quite a few people asking me about my Mohard radiator even
had two people take a pictures of your products on my bike.The Hellnback is very bold and makes quite a
statement and your radiator guards stand out quite a bit, too especially since I have the optional fan mount.  Not
only are the products you make well thought out and innovative but your
customer service is second to none.I
love my Mohard's.Thank you!
Red Anodized for a Special Order for the
Radiator Guards and Disc Guards on
T. Jones' 450X.
Finally got the Mohard
Rad guards installed.
Great design and very
well made! Hands down
the best radiator
guards I've used or
Moab here I come.

Alex, Evergreen CO
      Hugo S. : "Love these New
    Radiator Guards....didn't have
    looked much cooler.", "Thanks Dan,
    you make a great product".
Hugo,  desert rider
I got my order this week!
I was very surprised how massive the parts are!
Also very quick shipping! great!

Best Regards,
Christopher, Austria  450R, 2011
I took some heavy side blows to my radiator on the new trail we are
cutting here. Another Guy with some BPD guards on his
Kawasaki pushed his radiator back and punctured the
rear side on the engine. Some JB weld patched him back up
temporarily but your (Mohard Racing) guards kept mine safe.
Thanks-Joe. MA
Reed's pleased with his Mohard
Guards on his KTM.
Great fit with the Fluidyne radiators,

So Cal
Your guards totally saved me this past weekend during a
harescramble.  Took a good size pine tree right down the right side,
but didn't ruin my radiator.  It did however really bend the right side
support  bracket that goes behind the radiator.  It took the full brunt of
the force trying to fold my radiator backwards.
Love your Guards!!!!

Thank, Brian, VA
May 31, 2011
CRF 450X. WOW! The awesome. They
are feel they are the most durable guards
on the justified, now.
when I was on a trail and had a head-on with a quad. Luckily no one was hurt, but my left radiator took the entire force. The rider behind me
The face of the radiator guard was bent right down the middle with about an inch off-set. The radiator fin faces were UNTOUCHED! The
radiator flexed back into my cylinder head and smashed the bottom tube where fluid exits the radiator.
I'm guessing on the speeds, but I was doing @15mph and the quad was doing @ 20-25mph.
Your frame for the radiator guard needed a few taps with the rubber mallot and the bottom aluminum tube needed to be tapped straight. The
anodized orange face guard took more force to straighten, but it's back to a flat piece of aluminum again. I have pictures of the before and
after if it would help convince potential new customers. Thanks for making and maintaining a high quality product.
Santa Maria, ca
I'm a metal machinist myself of 25 years or so and your product
is amazing .Its good to know that there is still quality products
out there .Thanks heaps
Craig, New Zealand
Honda 450X Radiator Guards
Thank you for all of your help so far, a lot of companies could learn
something from your customer services.,Many thanks, Rob (UK,
Customer... purchased 450x guards and fan mount)
Great Guards, Awesome Customer
Dan was there to answer all my
Highly recommend these guys....