"Where we get our strength"

Mohard Radiator grills are milled from
Billet Aluminum, and
each side bracket is milled from 1/2" Aluminum.
Bosses are milled into every connecting piece to
make it as strong as a single piece of aluminum.
Some models allow for torsion bolts and sleeves, this gives
flex in the guard, to keep the pressure off the bike frame.

Special attention has been made in the engineering and
design of these guards to give radiators ultimate protection,
without interfering with performance.
In fact, it's been reported they
enhanced performance.
Mohard Guards allow for better airflow for your radiators.

The photos below show the manufacturing process of our
Mohard guards. Most other products are stamped and
bent out of 0.65, while ours are milled to 3/16" and bossed
together for maximum strength.

All designs are unique to the bike's year and model.
Guards Sides milled/ Mohard Racing
Radiator Guards, Mohard Racing
Radiator guards Sides with front grill and torsion sleeve for bolt.
Radiator Guards Step 4
Here shown in photos are the 4 basic steps to
manufacturing the Mohard Racing Radiator Guards.
Sides milled from 1/2"
Billet Aluminum
Bosses are milled and tapped with
tri-brackets attachment
Sides and grill snapped together.
Attach securely to front grill.
6mm stainless countersink screws
hold assembly together from front
A picture is worth a thousand words
black anodizing
Full assembly for KTM
after anodizing
Black Anodized  guard on KTM.
Grill is 5/8th from radiator for
MAXIMUM airflow.
Other guards try to get some strength out of very thin tri-bracket
that runs the length of the outside of the radiator.
The factories design plastic first for air flow then for form.
If you can see your tri-brackets through your
plastic you will run hot.
This is why Mohard keeps their tri-brackets
behind the plastic in the middle.
Otherwise you will get pockets and turbulence.
The air has to
move to cool radiators.
HONDA 450x
Mohard Racing makes real guards that work. We don't have them stamped in
another country and put a well marketed name on them, just to make a buck.
That is why we guarantee our guards 100%
Take a close look at what you're using or what is out there,
most of it is just made to fit and make you think you have protection.
"Get Real, Get Mohard" and don't worry about radiators again.