Disc Guards
All models $140

The Disc Guard and Traditional Sharkfin
by Mohard Racing, are made for the
Enduro and Desert Rider.
Our Rear Brake Disc Guard and Sharkfin are constructed
from 6061 T6 Aluminum to be stronger, lighter and more
coverage than any other disc guard on the market.

When ordering chose from the Hellnback Disc Guard or Traditional Sharkfin;
both interchangeable and replaceable,
complete with break carrier and caliper guard.
Sharkfin's are replaceable, or order an extra.
The traditional sharkfin shown on the KTM
Slightly smaller than the Hellnback.
More coverage than a motocross sharkfin.
The Hellnback disc guard shown on the KTM.
More coverage for more protection.