Here at MOHARD Racing, we are always researching
new ideas and working on new products.
We go to the races to see what's needed.
We listen to the riders that call us or
come into our shop and tell
us what they want on their bikes.
It's a great industry and we get stoked about all the
new products coming out.
So watch us grow and develop new products for your bike.

Save us in your "Favorites" and see what we're testing next.
Have any ideas or questions,
drop us a line.

New Product Request:

Please email us with any new product requests. We will add you to our list.
When we get enough interest in that product we will send out a confirming email,
telling you that we're ready to R 'n D. At that point, we'll ask for a small commitment from
In a few short weeks the product will be ready to package and send to you.
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